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I'm an individual with excellent Baan & LN logistics functional skills and ability to understand the business processes, map them to Baan and be the liaison with Business Process owners & Technical Team. Responsible in the functional areas of Project Control Systems (PCS), Shop Floor Control (SFC), Enterprise Planning, Warehousing, Sales and Purchasing. Consult with business process owners to identify and understand functions that need to be mapped, automated, recognize business needs, input and output requirements, document the desired features, deploy and conduct in-depth training. 

+  I was born in a small town just south of Glacier National Park and shortly after that, we moved to North Dakota. 

+ After high school, I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Mayville State University, Mayville, North Dakota.

+ I next landed in the Kansas City area. 

+ I developed a extensive background in computer automation, computer system, programming, project management and ERP systems. 

+ I traveled internationally as a consultant for large organizations.

+ I earned my MBA Degree from Baker University and also earned my ERP certification in Baan IV & V.

+ Main ERP systems: Infor LN, Baan IV, Baan V, ManMan, Lawson S3 and BPICS


John Sagmiller's Short List of Experience Systems.

DB2, SQL, ManMan ERP, Baan ERP, LN ERO, PMI classes,, Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse, Inventory, Shipping/Receiving, Planning, Shop floor control, ERP configurators, Project Manager, ERP Implementation, budgeting, training, Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP), CRM,  Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Pricing, Purchasing, Projects, MRP, Planning, Manufacturing, Shop Floor, Warehousing, Shipping, Invoicing, Project Profit and Loss, Margins, Reports and Forecasting. LN development,  COBOL, Java, C++, Open-system developer, Leading off shore development team, Vendor Manager,  Developed methodology, Web-based application systems, Financial, Client Server, Y2K, Manufacturing, Distribution, POS (Point of Sale) Transportation, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), MRP, ERP, BAAN, E-Commerce, B2B, multi-site, Micro Programmer, Bar Coding, Data Collection, CICS, TSO, Microsoft, Novell, MS Office, Niku Project/Portfolio Management, Microsoft Project, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Heat, Documentation, Work Space, ABM Time Tracking, WordPerfect, Exchange, Outlook, Crystal Reports, Lotus Notes, Eudora, Netscape, Explorer, Hypertext 4.0, Adobe Acrobat, 3270 Emulation, DATA MANAGER, CIMPATH, BPCS, CTREE, Btrieve, PC Support, DB2, SQL, and DESQVIEW.  ManMan ERP, BIPCS MRP, APICS MRP, MAPCS MRP, WindChill ERP, BAAN ERP, INFO, ERP, SSA, INFOR LN, ManMan, Shop-floor, Cyberquery reporting and Crystal reports. Programming: Cyberquery reports, HTML, JAVA, Visual Basic, C/C++, OOP, Pascal, Assembler, JCL, COBOL, ERP LN, Cyberquery reporting, SQL and TALL. Hardware: Personal Computers, Mainframe Computers, HP3000, AS/400, File Servers, Switches, Phone over IP, Routers, Fargo & Zebra Printers, and Bar Code scanners, Printers, Handhelds and Readers, Client/Server Architecture, Thinnet, Token Ring, Ethernet, LANs, and WANs.

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